With online dating sites like OurTime that caters to their age range, finding love is easier for silver-haired singles

With online dating sites like OurTime that caters to their age range, finding love is easier for silver-haired singles is a special IP address which, to a computer, always means that computer. Any time a machine sends a network request to, it is talking to itself. This is very useful when it comes to blocking ads, because all we have to do is specify the IP address of any ad server to be And to do that, all we have to do is edit the hosts file. What will happen then is something like this:

1. you visit a web page 2. the web page contains a banner ad stored on the server “ads.example” 3. your computer says “ads.example? never heard of it. wait a second, let’s see if I’ve got the number on me. ” 4. your computer finds its hosts file and checks to see if ads.example is listed 5. it finds the hostname, which points to 6. “great”, says the computer, and sends off a request to for the banner ad that’s supposed to be on the page 7. “oh”, says the computer, and fails to show anything because it just sent a request to itself for a banner ad

* Windows 95 / 98 / ME: C:\Windows (I think) * Windows NT: C:\WinNT\hosts * Windows 2000: C:\WinNT\system32\drivers\etc\ * Windows XP: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc * FreeBSD / Linux / Mac OS X / Unixish operating systems: /etc/hosts * Classic Mac OS: please read this helpful information submitted by David “iNerd” B * Mac OS 9: Marcia Skidmore sent in details that hopefully explain what you need to know

The format of the hosts file is very simple – IP address, whitespace, then a list of hostnames (except for older Macs; please see above). However, you don’t need to know anything about the format if you don’t want to as you can just view the list hosts file.

Of course, that’s not the only way to use the list, but it’s probably the most simple for most people.

However, registration and browsing member profiles are free so you can get a feel of the dating site before committing to a premium membership

here is the hosts list which are serving you the ads just append it to your hosts file and enjoy ad free surfing makes things faster. if you want ad from certain site then just remove it urgent link from the list below.

The following features help you get noticed or provide more convenience on OurTime’s platform. OurTime Costs and Prices. Account registration; Profile Creation; Match search. How to reduce costs at Ourtime? The dating site does offer special prices on its subscription packages. Some offers give you 30% off your subscription, lowering?. The OurTime Cost is Reasonable & It’s Possible to Stay Free Forever. It’s completely free to join OurTime and browse the dating site or app for as long as you wish. To view our plans and upgrades, simply click the “Subscribe” link on any page of the website. Note that you need to have registered a profile and logged in first. Start online dating with Ourtime to meet like-minded singles over 50 near you. Sign up for free and discover also our activities around you. Discover the full review of OurTime: a new dating site for mature singles Main features: Searching and messaging tools; OurTime Prices.

Optional OutTime Dating Service Features

Launched in 2017, Ourtime is an online dating community that caters exclusively for the over 50 age group. As well as helping members meet single people in their area, it also brings online dating to a relaxed real-life setting with its range of offline, experience-led activities across Canada. We take you through what this online dating platform is all about with our in-depth Ourtime review. Check out our ranking table for the best dating sites for over-50 adults in Canada! Most of the important features, such as sending messages, require a paid subscription. Reviews show the organised activities that let members socialise in real life is yet another bonus to joining the dating site.

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