Geographic Information System Solutions

R2V has the distinction of being one of the pioneering and premier GIS Company in Pakistan. Back in 1900s, very few organisations had the capacity or understanding of venturing into the domain of Geographic Information Systems. For us the transition came as a natural offshoot of CAD conversions, primarily feature extractions from Satellite Images and correlating the information with hand-drawn maps.

Soon, R2V developed a full scale GIS capacity and now has the diversity and capabilities that have a proven track record with our multiple clients.

As our capacity grew, so did the challenges and with each fresh assignment, the wish-list of our clients grew exponentially; it is often said that the capabilities of GIS are only limited to the imagination of the user, and some of our clients, we found out, do have very imaginative minds. It is also gratifying to note that those very clients then approached us for further assignments, sometimes just by providing us a wish-list, leaving the design, development and deployment to our suggestion.

A GIS allows the display of database information on a visual map. In the strictest sense, a GIS is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying geographically referenced information, i.e. data identified according to their locations. GIS is playing a critical role in the world of administration and business as it enhances effective decision-making and planning for almost every administrative, industrial and business sector. Major advantages of using GIS tools could be summarized as follows;

  • VISUALIZATION Landscapes are visualized for better understanding of trends and patterns. GIS is a valuable   concept used for analysing market localization, roadway modelling and population distribution.
  • DECISION MAKING Useful information can lead to better decisions. GIS works as a tool for queries, analysis and   mapping relevant regions to support decisions.
  • PLANNING ASSIGNMENTS Monitoring a region for business purposes is the pre-requisite for all projects that are at   a verge of start.

R2V has the largest and most diverse GIS profile for any company in Pakistan. The core expertise, though multi-faceted, is focused on a- Visualization, b- In-depth Analysis, and c- Robust Decision Support System.

Through the successfully designed and implemented GIS projects, R2V has the experience in;

  • Remote Sensing
  • Raster Maps and Satellite Images Ortho-rectification and Geo-Rectification
  • Feature Extractions
  • Facilities Mapping
  • Land-use Mapping Planning
  • Land Maps Conversions
  • DGPS based Surveys
  • Acquisition and Incorporation of Socio-Economic Data
  • Development of Web-GIS and GIS Apps
  • Law Enforcement and Internal Security

R2V has also developed two customized GIS applications, namely ARAZI and NAQSHAW. The salient features of these can be downloaded through the given links.

R2V is among the handful of approved ‘No Limit’ GIS service providers registered with the Survey of Pakistan, the apex accreditation organisation in this field.

Besides the large list of satisfied clients, our GIS services have earned the praise of the Supreme Court, Universities and UN agencies. Multiple government agencies have accepted and approved Concept Papers floated by R2V, while project reports submitted by R2V have been frequently referred-to and cited as a benchmark of excellence.

However, a very important component in GIS is also the platform on which the system is deployed and we, at R2V have a team of developers that now offer this as an add-on services.

Application Development

While there are many powerful and reliable GIS applications in the market, the cost, training and product limitations can be a source of concern for large enterprises. Being mindful of the specific, and often repetitive, usage of a GIS application, R2V offers customised GIS application development.

Application Development

R2V has deep expertise in developing enterprise solutions using cutting edge technologies. One of our specialization is developing GIS based mobile, web and desktop applications. We are also expert in developing modern cross platform mobile applications for conducting complex surveys and analytical dashboards for monitoring them.


This is a Core GIS Management System specifically large, planned settlements and it  enables integrated planning, development, operations and resource management along with informed decision making.

The system is built using open source technologies. we have written our own server for visualizing spatial data. Various analytical dashboards are available  for different spheres of administration, like calculating cross section, 3D view using DEM data and CAD uploaders etc.

A comprehensive project managemenet tool along with mobile applications for conducting different types of surveys are also part of the project.


Naqshow is a GIS based web application for accessing online land record.

An optimized database has been created for storing almost 50 million parcels integrated with other databases like Larmis and PRC etc with secure transportation to a portal.

The system has been developed using commercial platform and is very robust and stable.