For you is when we write on a gift… or say “This is for you”!

For you is when we write on a gift… or say “This is for you”!

Hi Ms.Ronnie. I am proud of your teaching method, specaily the way you taought here. Your Student, Shah. It is requested you that if you will read my comments, plz tell me my mistake wheather in writting or in grammer. Because im a persian speaking.

Hi how do you do i’m new here but i like your lessons great job thanks for assissting to us.. keep it up like that.. thanks indeed

THANK but I wish there was subtitles in the lessons of what you say because I often do not understand because I have not developed much competition hearing

PS: Can you correct my wrong sentences

hi, can i ask you a few questions: can i know when before the ing form the letter y stays y and when it becomes ie,like playng second questin is how can we learn our english words 3.and my last question is about the second conditional:i just can’t undertand it thats all thanks

I’ve got 5 correct out of 5. Thanks! You are great teacher! Your lessons are very funny)) And it really helps me with memorizing all those thing that you are explaining

Hi Ronnie, You are a excellent teacher and very funy. I would like to talk to you about Englis. I am sure taht it will much mportant to me. Please, contact to by e-mail () ou by the skype (crebio.jose.avila). Thank you very much

hello Mrs are you ?? I start English lessons with your videos thank you …but can you explain me about the mean of his sentence : neither a Borrower nor a loaner be . I’m waiting for answer ..thanks a lot

But want to improve my english very well

i realy learnt somethine that has value in my life. i could distinguish between borrow,lend, rent and use and how to apply in correct way and in correct time. thansk for everything

thanks teacher…I wanna prove myself. -I borrow my father 500 SAR. – Father can you borrow me some money? -I lend my brother my a books. – my brother use my Laptop. – I rent a New DVD.

My greatest problem from English is the pronunciation, but after i know EngVid, i’ve had enjoyed a lot of. Thanks for all and certainty i’ ll indicate it for my son and my friends..

hi Ronnie,how are u doing? I have ?4u so can i say”Can i use your laptop?and the last thing i want to say is thank so much to remind me the difrent use between borrow ,lend ,rent and use. cool website.


Hi Ronnie, I love the way you’re teaching us, the way how you describe all the things. I listen to the grammar and pronaunciation, as well as the way how you describe the things. I found this website and will recommend it to other people. God bless you. I thank you so much

and thank you so much , i am not bad in english but our Teachers Pronounced it in a wrong way

can we say this that “can you lend me a hammer” and “can i boorow your pencil” both are correct or not ?? i still have little bit coffusion in using these two words.

Hello Miss Ronnie ur such a good teacher.everyday i learned u a lot.i ask u something what is the difference between want like.can u site some example because i’m alwaysssss confusing this two words.thank u

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